Pinypon Fairies from Famosa-0

Pinypon Fairies from Famosa-0

The Pinypon Sparkle fairies are a version of pinypon faries. So far there are four of them to get and every part of the doll can be swapped.

Coated in glitter and with her unicorn pet, this fairy girl is ready for a great adventure!



A fair skinned fairy with pastel pink hair worn about shoulder length with two buns hel by green bands. Her eyes are light pink, worn with yellow and pink eyeshadow. Her outfit consists of a pale pink tanktop decorated with pink details and a butterfly, a tulle pink skirt with wavy green line on top, fuchsia bracelets, and a pair of fuchsia flats. Her wings are pink with holes cut in them.

The pink fairy comes with a pink wand, a pink and green butterfly, and a pink translucent horse with white mane and tail, a fuchsia butterfly marking, pale blue eyes, and green hooves and horn.


A flirty girl clad in blue, this fairy has short, ice blue hair and very pale blue eyes. She wears an ice blue tanktop with purple detail, a necklace, white skirt with little cut designs, and a pair of ice blue shoes. Her wings are light blue.

She comes with a star wand, a green butterfly, and a translucent, pale blue unicorn with neon pink hooves and horn, a purple butterfly mark, yellow eyes, and a white tail and mane.


A perky purple fairy. She has straight purple hair worn with a gold headband indigo colored eyes. She wears a dark lavender tanktop with a silk, pale purple skirt, a necklace, and ___ shoes. Her wings are purple.

She comes with a star wand, a green butterfly with a lilac colored translucent body, and a translucent, purple unicorn with orange hooves and horn, a blue butterfly mark, __ eyes, and a white tail and mane.


A flashy girl clad in yellow, this fairy has light blonde hair and bright pink eyes with fuchsia markings on them. She wears a gold and green tank top with necklace, a short pale green skirt, and a pair of fancy green sandals. Her wings are teal-green.

She comes with a star wand, a yellow butterfly, and a translucent, pale lilac unicorn with neon yellow hooves and horn, a gold butterfly mark, white eyes, and a forest green tail and mane.


  • Originally the fairy wands, hair clips, and unicorns were not translucent themed. It also seemed that their hair was not originally coated in glitter.


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