The Pinypon Fruits Girls is a series of Pinypon doll. They are known for their wonderful fruity scents and
tattoo accessory for the owner to wear.

They can be found together in a delightfully fruity pack, or sold in seperates. So far the fruits released are Kiwi, Peach, Pear, Grape, Watermelon, and Pineapple.

Pinypon FruitsEdit


Kiwi has green hair worn in low pigtails with pink eyes. She wears a white sweater with brown lining and a green skirt with brown and green boots with tiny white bows on them. She comes with a kiwi cut in half and a matching purse.


Peach has straight hair with a small curl to it and wears an orange and white dress with a peach depicted on it. At the neck is a green section, and she also wears fancy white sandals. Her purse is a peach, to match the peach she comes with.


Pear has short, styled green-yellow hair and pale pink eyes worn with fuchsia eye make up. She wears a white and green dress with green bracelets and a green fluffy sirt with a blue belt. Her shoes are simple green flats. She has a pear fruit and purse.


Grape has pale pink eyes and bright, neon purple hair that flares out. She wears a white dress with purple detailing and a purple striped skirt with green belt. Her shoes consist of lavender flats with white on the bottom and green straps. She carries a bunch of grapes to match her purse.


A girl with green eyes and straight worn red hair with a green headband. She wears a white tanktop with green detail and a watermelon slice on it, and a red skirt with tiny black dots and a green belt. Her shoes are red heels with a single green strap over the foot. She carries a watermelon cut in half to match her purse.


A girl with short, bright yellow hair flaring out and blue eyes. She wears a white sweater with golden yellow lining and a yellow pleat skirt. She has teal-green shoes and comes with a pineapple to match her purse.



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