The Pinypon Flower Collection is a series of Pinypon doll. They are known for their wonderful scents.

They can be found together in a pack, or sold in seperates.

Pinypon FlowersEdit


Short yellow hair held in two buns with a daisy hair piece. She wears a green tanktop with daisies on it, a yellow bracelet, flower shaped white skirt, and yellow flats. Her eyes are blue.

A variant with pink hair wearing all white with yellow accents was also seen.


Straight purple hair with a yellow headband and green eyes with white eye shadow. She wears a yellow tank top with purple striped skirt and lavender shoes. She also has purple bracelets.

A variant of her has yellow hair and wears pink and white.


Cloudy blue pigtails and bright pink eyes. She wears a blue dress with a pink belt and a pair of fancy white sandals.

A variant has been seen with orange hair, blue eyes, and a green and purple outfit.


A girl with an orange bob cut and seafoam colored eyes. She wears a yellow dress with orange accents and a pair of orange flats.

A variant of her has blue hair with water blue eyes and wore pink and blue.


Slightly curled pink hair worn with a white floral headband. She has pink eyes and wears a white tanktop and pink tulle material skirt with basic magenta sandals. Also two bracelets.

An alternate form of her has her outfit colors reversed.


This girl has blonde hair worn in a flip with a flower band made of red-pink flowers. Her eyes are very pale, mint green. She wears a red and green tanktop with a red pleat skirt and a pair of fancy red and green sandals.



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