Pinypon Caravan Version 4-1

Pinypon Caravan Version 4-1


The Pinypon Caravan is a vehicle toy for your pinypon doll. It can also be opened to become a little house on wheels for the doll.

It comes with many things, like chairs, a full length mirror, even a shower! In total there are 30+ items. 

Items ListEdit

  • Van
  • Pinypon Doll
  • Two Surfboards
  • Two big plates
  • Two small plates
  • Four flower shapes
  • Four Heart shapes
  • Four butterfly shapes
  • Three green stars/flower shapes
  • Four glttery, translucent blue items
  • A drink
  • Two drink cups with twirly straws
  • Two cups with whip cream on top
  • A dish with spoon
  • A chair
  • A cupcake/dessert



The outside of the van is white with pink colored accents. It also has black wheels with pink in the center, adorned by green flowers.


Inside, white has become a floor color while the rest of it is shades of light purple, neon green, and fuchsia.

 The dollEdit

This pinypon is a sassy tomboy with a hint of girly. She has fair colored skin and big green eyes. Her pink hair is choppy and curls somewhat on the ends and worn with a green butterfly.

Her outside conists of a lilac and yellow top, green bell-bottom pants and lilac flats. But it can be changed just like any other doll.


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